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Management of decayed teeth using white fillings, stainless steel crowns, bonding, extractions, and stainless steel crowns with esthetic white coating.

White fillings:  Or composite fillings are tooth colored material used to restore teeth once tooth decay has been removed and cleaned.  Each layer of composite material will be hardened or cured with a highly intense visible light.  The final surface is shaped and polished to look like the existing tooth. 

Stainless Steel Crowns and Crowns with Esthetic White Coating:  Crowns are coverings of the entire tooth structure.  Once decay is removed and cleaned, a preformed crown is placed over the tooth.  Baby crowns are placed in one visit and are an excellent restoration for fractured teeth, teeth with large decay, and teeth that has had a baby root canal “pulpotomy”.  Stainless steel crowns are used on back teeth and are silver in color.  Stainless steel crowns with esthetic white coating are used for front teeth.  They are silver in color but have a white coating on the front part of the tooth.  

Extractions: Is the removal of a tooth.  This can be completed for various reasons including crowding and decay.Once an extraction is completed bleeding can occur.  It is important to keep pressure on the area by biting on gauze.  

Pulpotomy:  “Baby Root Canal” is a dental restoration used to remove decay that has reached the nerve of a baby tooth.  This is unlike a permanent tooth root canal because it is a relatively short procedure.  A pulpotomy is used to prolong the life of a baby tooth until it is ready to fall out naturally. It is often followed with either a crown or filling.

Nitrous Oxide:  is a combination of gases that are breathed in through a nose piece, allowing the child to relax without putting them to sleep. It is designed to help patients with mild anxiety easier to complete.  The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recognizes this as a very safe and effective technique to use for treating children’s dental needs.

Oral Conscious Sedation Dentistry: For children who are very apprehensive and is not successful with Nitrous Oxide alone often this method is successful.  The patient is given oral medication in the office.  This will help to relax the child further for successful dental treatment.  

General Anesthesia in Hospital Setting:  General Anesthesia is a great solution for children who are fearful of the dentist, those undergoing extensive treatment, or those with a significant medical condition.  This method of sedation involves going to either Highlands Regional Medical Center or ARH hospital in Hazard.  A medical anesthesiologist and surgical team will be present in addition to Dr. Seth to care for your child.  The child will be completely put to sleep to allow all dental treatment completed at one time with no pain or discomfort while the procedure is performed.

Here at Hyden Pediatric Dentistry we strive to make sure every child has the best dental treatment possible in the most relaxed environment.  At Hyden Pediatric Dentistry we treat every child as an individual and look at their own individual needs.  This included what dental treatment needs to be completed and the child’s individual personality traits and fears that may affect getting the desired dental treatment outcomes.  At Hyden Pediatric Dentistry we value the parent’s collaboration to develop a dental treatment plan that is specific to their child’s needs.